2021: Year of Fintech Product Opportunities | by Himanshu Bharadwaj | Dec, 2020 – Medium

A glimpse into the past, present, and the future. Fintech is a huge opportunity to consider if you are still deciding where to put your skills or money.

Dec 21 · 15 min read

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Fintech is everywhere

New Ideas

Social products

Alternate asset classes

AR/VR/Mixed realities

Other opportunities

User experience design

Experience Age

Tailor-made designs

Behaviors have changed during COVID-19

Setting priorities

Do not ignore the mobile

Time for minimalism

A new design style will be born

Fintechs lack good designers

The industry needs full-stack designers

Users are people and People have feelings

Design leadership needs to step up

We need more design-centered fintech firms

Good fintech firms will get their house in order

A human-centered approach may not work

Fintech to Insurtech

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