First Realme Smartphone To Get Realme UI 2.0 – MICE News Philippines

Realme vice president Xu Qi Chase has announced that their upcoming smartphone coming next month will be running on their new version of the user interface Realme UI 2.0. This new version of the user interface is developed based on the newly launched Android 11.  The development progress of this new user interface was kick-started soon after the launch of the beta version of the operating system. The newly developed user interface will have some of the interesting features.

The company claims that the new update will have customizable notification bar colors along with Dual Mode Music Share. Many smartphone manufacturing companies have developed their own user interface. These interfaces are designed user friendly and come with many customized specifications and features. Its been officially announced that their new product will feature their new version of the Realme UI.

Smartphones which was developed earlier by Realme will be getting this update within this year. The beta version of this software is already being tested with their previous models’ smartphones. It’s expected that their new update will undergo several rounds of testing before getting launched for other smartphones. Though the executive who made an official announcement dint reveal any information about the software product many leaks have provided information about the upcoming product.

It’s said that this UI will eventually increase the productivity of the processor also provides a wider space for creativity and other major stuff. Even though the new version of the operating system update is not provided for all the smartphones this UI update might give the glimpses of information about the features that are included in the upcoming operating system update.

Realme UI 2.0 Image

Bubble notifications support is a new update that’s coming along with the Realme 2.0. This feature will allow the users to select applications using the mini widget that’s placed on the screen. This tiny widget can be moved anywhere on the screen. The visibility of this widget can be adjusted and can be accessed at any time while using another application. Even though this application is available currently it needs some third party application to get installed in the smartphone where this update has this feature as a default option. The media control option has been redesigned which allows easier control access.

The media control option includes adjusting the sound, picture clarity, and other important kinds of stuff.  The company claimed that its Deep Sea Privacy Plan will secure the user’s privacy data. Data protection is an important feature that every smartphone user likes to have in their gadgets.

Realme has announced that they will be rolling out their new Realme UI 2.0 update for Realme X50 Pro in November. This model smartphone has already received the preview version of the Realme UI. The initial beta version of this update has also been provided to Realme X50 Pro. Realme has been updating its progress with a frequent interval of time which makes its users get more connected towards their upcoming products. Recently the company has announced the worlds first under-display camera option in their new model smartphones.