These Are the 25 Most Dangerous Intersections in Cleveland – Cleveland Scene

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  • East 55th and Carnegie/Google Maps

We may know them for their iconic local commercials, but those nice folks at Elk and Elk also do some good work too. They’ve put together a study with data visualization agency 1Point21 to show the 25 most dangerous intersections in Cleveland.

The top 10 most dangerous intersections in town are seen here, with Orange Avenue and East 30th Street being most dangerous, with 89 crashes in 2019┬áleading to 28 minor/moderate injuries and no serious injuries or fatalities, followed by East 116th Street and Kinsman. In downtown, East 9th and Carnegie is most dangerous, with 42 accidents in 2019. Here’s the rest of the top 10:

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The top 25 most dangerous intersections highlighted accounted for 898 total car crashes, which led to 379 minor injuries, 51 serious injuries, and 4 total fatalities. Here’s the rest of the top 25:

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You can find more about the Cleveland analysis here.

Elk and Elk also did an analysis to show the most dangerous intersections in Ohio. While we may not be the best drivers in the country here in Cleveland, we may very well be the best drivers in the state. According to their statewide analysis, Cleveland, despite being the second largest city in the state, only has one intersection listed within the top 50. Twenty-four of the top 50 most dangerous intersections in the state are located in Columbus.

Learn to drive, CBus.